Formatting Your Illustrated Book

Formatting Your Illustrated Book For Kindle

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This eBook is about how I came to format my “Peighton’s Adventures” illustrated book.  After sufficient struggling and time I ended up with “Peighton’s Adventures: The Scary Tea Party“.  What was most frustrating was coming to the end, having thought I had it right, only to discover … no!  Pictures too big, too small.

The same principles used in this eBook were first employed in the “Peighton’s Adventures” book and I believe you should be able to duplicate my efforts in your own version of an illustrated eBook, or other book requiring images, you choose to create.

I had wanted to offer this work for free, but Amazon’s pricing would not permit this at this time, and have, therefore, listed it at the lowest price possible, $.99.

Product Description
Wanting to format that illustrated book? Here is a guide in helping you achieve it, whether it’s an illustrated book for children, photos or sketches for your poetry, or images to a how-to guide to help your readers through the process.

— From the product page —

Check out the sample below…

Formatting Your Illustrated Book For Kindle PDF Sample


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