Currently Reading “In Her Name: Final Battle” by Michael R. Hicks

Finished reading January 14, 2012.  I was a little disappointed with this, the last, book in the trilogy (no spoilers).  Overall, I would consider “Empire” the best in the series.  Having said that, I give “Final Battle”  4 Stars, and highly recommend anyone to read the entire series.  “First Contact”, “Legend of the Sword”, and “Dead Soul” are definitely on my “to read” list.



In Her Name: Final Battle

by Michael R. Hicks @KreelanWarrior

Amazon Kindle

Product Description

In the final book of an epic trilogy, In Her Name: Final Battle picks up where In Her Name: Confederation left off: Reza Gard awakens in a hospital on Earth after having been in a coma for months. Charged with murder and high treason, he finds himself the scapegoat for a daring plot to assassinate the President of the Confederation. Escaping with the help of Jodi Mackenzie, who is now hunted for what she knows about the death of the president, Reza discovers that something is deeply wrong with the Empire: the warriors have lost their will to fight. Compelled to step into a trap set for him and Jodi, the two once again find themselves bound for Erlang. But this time it is to meet Tesh-Dar, who has been captured. Captured and sentenced to death, they can only watch as a human armada gathers for a strike against the Kreelan homeworld. But the human fleet – and humanity itself – will be doomed to utter annihilation unless Reza can reach the Empress in time…

— Taken From The Amazon Product Page —


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