Two Are Better Than One

On occasion, I find myself short of monitor space. Seem odd to you? Well, if you are an illustrator having more room could be a time saver. Just think, not having worry about finding that colour palette you’ve been using and is hiding somewhere in the Photoshop or GIMP window.

idisplay-android-02-28-2011One solution is two programs that will convert an Android Phone or Tablet, IPhone, IPad and, even another computer (the computer may be a PC or Mac) into another monitor.

The first is AirDisplay. This seems to respond better for me than iDisplay. It also appears to have more options. Whereas iDisplay is intended for tablets (Android, IPad etc), AirDisplay can use tablets or another computer as a monitor and they need not be the same platform. In other words, a Mac computer may use a Windows PC as a second monitor and vice versa. Kinda cool!

The Second is iDisplay. It is good, but only appears to use tablets as mention above. But because I can only run one extra monitor with AirDisplay, I will run iDisplay simultaneously so I have a third display if needed. Not sure if this is supposed to function this way, but it seems to work just fine.

So now I can run two extra displays if need be. Not only is it good for illustrating, it also works well when writing. Using my main monitor, in portrait mode, there isn’t much room left over for other visible programs. This is when I will run two reference pages, such as a thesaurus or firefox window with some research information.

As these extra displays are linked to your computer, the extra screens will function just as your main screen does. You have full mouse and keyboard usability allowing one to copy/cut and paste as well as scrolling of pages if need be. For added convenience the extra screens can be used in portrait or landscape mode .

It’s handy to have around and I find myself using it more and more so it seems that two are better than one.

Because I am a PC uses, no comments can be made to assist Mac users other than the product pages seems to indicate these qualities for both Mac and Windows PC.


About John Van Vliet

Author of the soon to be released "The H'Rhophyan Chronicles", a Fantasy Adventure Serial.
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