Currently Reading “Claudius” by Douglas Jackson

Finished Reading February 25, 2013.  A good read, of action and battle scenes, but also interesting characters. The story was made more vivid to me after reading some of the Roman Historians (Cassius Dio 60.21 is an example) who write of an elephant/elephants during the invasion of Britain. A fact I did not know before reading this novel. The story revolves around Rufus and the elephant Bersheba, but I was pleased Jackson gave the time he did to the viewpoint of the Britons.

If you like Historical Fiction, you will like Claudius. I give the book 4 Stars. I hope will will enjoy it as much as I did.


I first became acquainted with the writing of Douglas Jackson when reading Caligula just over a year or so ago. I found it full of intrigue, action, and a colourful narrative describing  the life in Rome during that period. I am definitely looking forward to reading Claudius.


claudiusClaudius (Roman Trilogy 2)
by Douglas Jackson @Dougwriter

Kindle Edition
Paperback Edition

Book Description

Claudius desires total conquest. Caratacus will fight for freedom. An epic battle is coming, in this second gripping and visceral novel of the Roman invasion of Britain, for fans of Conn Iggulden and Simon Scarrow.

43 AD: in Southern Britain, Caratacus, chief of the Britons, watches from a hilltop as the scarlet cloaks of the Roman army spread across his land like blood. Among them is Rufus, keeper of the Emperor’s elephant, an unwilling participant in the invasion of Britain. The Roman legions smash into the British forces, but just as victory seems at hand, they wait. Reinforcements are coming, led by Emperor Claudius himself. And Rufus will have a very special part to play in the coming epic battle.

Heroes will be made and kings will fall in a struggle that will echo through the annals of history.

Taken From The Amazon Product Page


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