Guest Contributor: John Van Vliet on Prompt #5


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After proceeding through the caverns for several days, William was certain he and his team would find something soon. The archeological society gave its grudging consent for him to undertake this expedition and he was determined to prove to them his theory was correct. Darkness gave way to a thin shaft a light not far ahead of them. Crawling through the narrow rift he emerged into a large, well lit, dome like expanse. The light noticed earlier came from high above along a rocky column leading to the surface. In awe he gazed on the illuminated structure in front of him fashioned from human skulls and bones.

“They are cannibals, ” he said to himself. “It’s an altar.”

A noise beside him caught his attention. Before him was a large face, for the most part human,  yet not.  A large club came down on him striking William’s jaw before he had the chance to move out of the way.

A burst of light and then sudden darkness.


Submitted by: John Van Vliet
Twitter: @John_Van_Vliet
Blog:  John Van Vliet
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Author of the soon to be released "The H'Rhophyan Chronicles", a Fantasy Adventure Serial.
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