Crashed! Again!

A few days ago my computer crashed at the most inconvenient time. So when is it a convenient time? Fortunately I back up all my documents and important files on a cloud such as DropBox. But what about software and recovery discs. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out a disc has been compromised just when you need it, and then what do you do?

GMail’s Google Drivblue-screen-of-death-bsod-1315235-me currently allows you to  store up to 15 Gb per account. That’s a lot of files, and if you use Google Chrome, Drive will permit you to upload folder along with their contents.

After my last crash I did just that. Everything I considered important enough to keep went to Google Drive.

Over the next few days I’ll be re-installing everything I need and if there is a problem with a disc, I’ll download the files and burn them to disc. It’s that simple.

So try this method for backing up. If it works for me, perhaps it will work for you.


About John Van Vliet

Author of the soon to be released "The H'Rhophyan Chronicles", a Fantasy Adventure Serial.
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