Currently Reading “The Other Rembrandt” by Alex Connor

Finished reading September 18, 2014.

Well, I didn’t expect that. The ending that is.

I am Dutch and love Dutch art, so when I saw the title “The Other Rembrandt” I had to read it.

The story line and the characters pulled me along wanting more without disappointment, but it was unfortunate that time restraints prevented me from reading as quick as I would have liked. The blend of real characters from history and fiction always intrigues me and I think Alex Connor did a marvelous job blending the two. And like I said earlier, ‘I didn’t expect that. The ending that is.’

If there was a problem with the book it was not the story, but a writing issue that I deal with in my own compositions: the over abundant use of -ly adverbs. But, still a good thriller.

I love a good thriller so I’ll be sure to check out “The Hogarth Conspiracy” in the near future.

Good job Alex. I give “The Other Rembrandt” 4/5 stars.


Started reading this the other night. I’m hooked!


The Other the other rembrandtRembrandt
by Alex Connor @alexconnorwrite



— Book Description —

Forced to sell a painting originally attributed to Rembrandt, debt ridden gallery owner Owen Ziegler must take a loss when the work is said to have been painted by one of the master’s students. But Owen believes he has uncovered evidence of secrets about Rembrandt that are much more explosive than simply a painting of dubious origin–secrets that could turn the art world on its head. And when Owen is found brutally murdered in the gallery, his son, Marshall, is launched on a quest not only to solve the vicious crime, but to uncover the three-hundred-year-old secrets worth killing for.

— Taken From Amazon Product Page —


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