Currently Reading ‘The Hogarth Conspiracy’ by Alex Connor

Finished reading Dec. 21, 2014. Better than “The Other Rembrandt”, this was an enjoyable read with the story line pulling me in different direction in an attempt to figure out who was responsible for all the misfortune. The characters, too, were likable: or not. The one flaw I noticed was the abundant use of adverbs, but unless you are a member of the adverb police you will enjoy this read. I will give it 4 Stars.

I’m not sure which book comes next by Alex Connor, but I’ll be sure to read it in the New Year.

Thanks Alex for another fine read.



Started this a few days ago and enjoying it. Perhaps more than ‘The Other Rembrandt’.


HogarthThe Hogarth Conspiracy

Alex Connor @alexconnorwrite 




Could a single scandalous painting rock two British monarchies, centuries apart… and threaten the lives of everyone who knows of its existence? It could–if the painting contains proof of a liaison between a prostitute and a prince. The evidence, a painting by William Hogarth done in 1732, was supposedly destroyed. But hundreds of years later, on a private jet, Sir Oliver Peters learns that it still exists. Dying of cancer, and desperate to secure his family’s well-being, Sir Oliver resolves to find the missing work. But when a fellow passenger who also knows the secret is murdered, he realizes he’s battling more than time.



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Author of the soon to be released "The H'Rhophyan Chronicles", a Fantasy Adventure Serial.
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