Currently Reading ‘Zen of Ebook Formatting’ by Guido Henkel

Finished reading June 2, 2015. I don’t think I could say I really finished. This is the type of book you would read again and again, plus have it ready as a useful reference every time you need to format a book. For me that means there could be long periods of time between formatting tasks (I will not retain all the information required). That is why it will remain on my Kindle.

This is a very informative book. For me, not knowing any HTML code at all, I did not find the information difficult to assimilate and apply: only a little time consuming due to my lack of coding knowledge. That will change with experience.

When applying this knowledge, I saw a completely different result compared to previous attempts using WORD alone. This became apparent when both converted documents were read with my Kindle.

If you are serious about formatting your own ebooks, you need to be serious about it and get this book. You will not be disappointed.

Great job Guido. I give this book at 5/5 star rating.


There are a number of stories I’ve written requiring proper formatting, so when I saw “Zen of Ebook Formatting” I knew I had to pick it up. The first time I heard about this book was through David Gaughran  and his website.  This, then led me to Guido Henkel I have read the first quarter of the book so far and it appears it will indeed be interesting. Since I know very little about HTML this book should be helpful. I’m always up for learning new techniques and aspects to aid in my endeavours for self-publishing and I have a good feeling “Zen of Ebook Formatting” is not going to disappoint me.


Zen of ebook formatingZen of eBook Formatting: A Step-by-step Guide To Format eBooks for Kindle and EPUB [Kindle Edition] Guido Henkel @GuidoHenkel 

Zen%20of eBook Formatting: A Step-by-step Guide To Format eBooks for Kindle and EPUBKindle


~~~ Book Description ~~~

Take Pride in Your eBook Formatting! Creating professional quality eBooks requires a lot more than a quick export from a word processor! Step by step, “Zen of eBook Formatting” takes a detailed look at the process that Guido Henkel has used to format close to a thousand eBooks over the past years. Formatter to New York Times bestselling writers and indie authors alike, Henkel makes the process understandable and easy to follow for anyone. Whether you want to create an eBook for Kindle, or you want to format your manuscript as an ePub file, “Zen of eBook Formatting” is the perfect companion for the task. “Zen of eBook Formatting” covers the entire process from basic clean-up of the manuscript to basic HTML tagging, all the way to advanced features, and error-checking, teaching you the skills necessary to give your own eBooks the professional polish they deserve.

~~~ Taken From The Amazon Product Page ~~~


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