Currently Reading Vulcan’s Forge by Jack Du Brul

Finished reading August 6,2015. While it wasn’t great, I rather liked it. This is the first I’ve read on Jack Du Brul, not even one of his collaborative works with Clive Cussler. The premiss for the book is interesting, although I don’t think Du Brul quite got it where he wanted. Lagging at times, the story had its moments of good pace. I was surprised at the editing, or lack of it, for this book. Spelling mistakes: should not be happening considering the publisher is Penguin. And the background information dumps. I do undertand the necessity for the amount presented as it seems a little over the top for me at times. The information was good, but for the most part, only served to stall the progress of the book’s flow. This is the first book by Du Brul so most of my issues with the book are with Penguin, not the author. I’ll certainly check out the next book in the series and reserve judgment on the author until a later time. For Vulcan’s Forge, I will give it a solid 3 stars. But does the hero always get the girl?


VulcVulcans Forgean’s Forge (Philip Mercer Book 1)
by Jack Du Brul

Kindle Edition
Paperback Edition 

~~~ Book Description ~~~

It begins deep beneath the Pacific Ocean, where a nuclear bomb strikes at the fiery hot heart of the earth. Churning, spewing boiling lava, a volcano rises with unnatural speed from the ocean floor — the source of a new mineral that promises clean, limitless nuclear power.
It continues in hot spots around the globe: Hawaii, where a secessionist movement is about to turn violent and the American army may be asked to fire on U.S. citizens; Washington, D.C., where the subway system becomes the site of a running gun battle; the Far East, where disrupted diplomatic negotiations jeopardize world peace; a rogue Russian submarine, circling the infant volcano.

Caught in the middle is Philip Mercer, a geologist and a one-time commando with shady contacts in all the right (or is it wrong?) places. When Mercer learns that the daughter of an old friend is being kept under armed guard in a local hospital, he vows to rescue her, not knowing that this is the first step in unraveling the fantastic secrets of Vulcan’s Forge.

~~~ Taken From Amazon Product Page ~~~


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