Currently Reading The Black Country by Alex Grecian

Finished reading September 8, 2015. I found the story interesting, but it lacked staying power. That is why it took so long to finish the book. “The Black Country” felt disjointed in many places and, at times, forcing me to put the book down. While I think Grecian did a good job job setting up the main characters (Day and Hammersmith) in “The Yard”, he failed to build and develop them in “The Black Country”. There is a historical inconsistency regarding wolves in the form of warning though wolves had been hunted out of existence in Britain long before the time period of the book. There was one distraction in particular which annoyed me. Day’s wife arriving to for no reason other than to stop the flow of the book. Voice was problematic for me as well, especially the children who sounded more like adults.

I was disappointed with this book since I enjoyed “The Yard”. “The Black Country” had so many potentially promosing direction it could have went and come out better. While no one is expected to write a perfect draft, one should expect editorial staff to be more dilligent. Remember, this is not an indie publication. This was put out by The Penguine Group. They should know better.

I will give it 3 stars and will read “The Blue Girl” or “The Devil’s Workshop” in the near future.


Because I enjoying “The Yard”, I though I would give this title a read.


The black CountryThe Black Country (Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad Book 2)
by Alex Grecian @alexgrecian 

Kindle Edition 

Paperback Edition 


~~~ Book Decription ~~~

The British Midlands. Inhabitants call it the “Black Country”—and with good reason. Bad things happen there.

When three members of a prominent family disappear from the Midlands—and a human eyeball is discovered in a bird’s nest—Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad is called in. But Inspector Walter Day and Sergeant Nevil Hammersmith have stepped into something much more bizarre and complicated than expected.

Superstitions abound in the intertwined histories of the villagers, including a local legend about a monster some claim to have seen. In addition, a mysterious epidemic is killing off the inhabitants, and the village itself is sinking into the coal mines below. Day and Hammersmith soon realize that they, too, are in over their heads. And the more they investigate, the more they fear that they may never be allowed to leave.

~~~ From The Amazon Product Page ~~~



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