The F.P.R Jaipur: A Delightful Surprise

I recently had the good fortune to win a pen from Fountain Pen Revolution, and I was so excited because this particular pen was the next pen I was considering purchasing. It is a blue F.P.R Jaipur piston filled pen, set with a Extra Fine nib. Problems on the onset dashed my hopes on this being my new everyday, at work, writing instrument. It leaked, creating a blue mess on my hand, making it an undesirable writing tool as I could not seem to rectify the issue.

FPR Jaipur


I wrote Kevin at FPR about the problem and told me it was likely a faulty feed and that he would send another to me. In the mean time he pointed me to this video: ‘How to “Heat Set” a Nib and Feed’–a procedure used only for ebonite feeds.

This changed everything. After applying this procedure to the pen, well, I had to take back every bad thing I thought about this pen.


This is now my new everyday pen for the following reasons:

1. It feels good in my hand: Throughout the day, I will for lengthy periods of time. A very comfortable pen to write with.

2. Easy to maintain: Because of the clutch-less design, the entire pen disassembles with ease for cleaning and other maintenance.

3. Ink capacity: It seems to hold a lot more ink than converters, so it is lasting longer between refill. More time to enjoy writing (I have a bottle of ink at work in case I need to refill the pen).

4. Parts: This pen came with a #5.5 two-tone EF nib and 5.1mm ebonite feed, readily available on the site so should you want to change nibs, at a reasonable price, it won’t be a problem (Feeds are available on the same page).

This is a good choice for a piston filled fountain pen and, considering my earlier issues, I will still give this a 4.5/5 Stars. Their customer service is also good.


About John Van Vliet

Author of the soon to be released "The H'Rhophyan Chronicles", a Fantasy Adventure Serial.
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