Weekend Writing Warriors – Restoration #25

Welcome to another snippet.


I’m back after a short break ready the present the final part of “Restoration” to you over the next few months as I finish bringing you the entire short story 8 – 10 sentences at a time.

This link will take you to the Weekend Writing Warriors home page where you can check out snippets from other writers.


This week, after crossing into Ghendhar, Demeas gets closer
to his quarry as we begin part 3 of “Restoration”.


Demeas dismounted and looked over a mist-filled meadow. Besides an occasional nicker from his horse and the sound of snow compacting under Demeas’ feet, it was quiet. He looked up at the grey sky and wondered if it would snow all day. He knelt, touching the distinctive prints in the snow.

These tracks are made by a thrown shoe.

They were recent, perhaps an hour old judging from the amount of snow covering them.

“Today will be the day, girl.” She snorted, sending a plume of steam from her nostrils, which hovered for a moment around her muzzle before blending in with the surrounding mist.

He continued to follow the trail, the snow crunching under the weight of horse and rider.


Join me next week for another snippet.


About John Van Vliet

Author of the soon to be released "The H'Rhophyan Chronicles", a Fantasy Adventure Serial.
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10 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – Restoration #25

  1. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Tracking in the snow would be easier, I’d think, provided the snow isn’t too deep, and isn’t still coming down.

  2. Peter Vialls says:

    I liked the description of the steam from the horse’s nostrils blending with the mist in the meadow – very evocative!

  3. Welcome back! Love the visuals you give us with this piece!

  4. Glad to see you back. This is a wonderful excerpt – it advances the plot, yet is slow enough to impress the whole moment in our minds. I’m jealous 🙂


  5. Botanist says:

    Lovely visuals, and I get a tremendous sense of anticipation here.

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