Weekend Writing Warriors – Restoration #39

Welcome to another snippet.

The story is coming to a close and I will continue to
bring it to you 8 – 10 sentences at a time.

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home page where you can check out snippets from other writers.



The conflict comes to a close.


The man he now fought was unrecognizable as the priest he had once known. Faldron screamed, a sound unlike anything Demeas had ever heard, and increased the intensity of his strikes forcing Demeas to his knees.

Demeas saw an opening and pierced his opponent in the thigh. Faldron stepped back and let out another horrific scream. Demeas stabbed at Faldron, now off-balance, and the blade penetrated Faldron’s ribs cage and out his back. Blood flowed like a stream from the gash and crimsom foam frothed from his mouth and he fell to the ground. Demeas knelt next to his former student, cradling him as Faldron’s features and eyes began returning to normal.


Join me next week for another snippet.


About John Van Vliet

Author of the soon to be released "The H'Rhophyan Chronicles", a Fantasy Adventure Serial.
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6 Responses to Weekend Writing Warriors – Restoration #39

  1. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Ah, so Faldron was possessed by something. I was beginning to wonder about that.
    One thing I wondered about. Is there some reason blood could stream from the wound when the sword was in place to block the wound?

  2. Dramatic! Effective excerpt indeed…

  3. Eeep, that sounded painful. I’m glad Demeas still had it in him to care about his student rather than just letting him drop.

  4. Wow, exciting conclusion! Very dramatic.

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