About Picture Writing Prompts

PicWriPromp Heade

Writing prompts are a great way to get the creative juices flowing when nothings seems to want to flow or simply trying to develop a new story-line.

While written writing prompts have their place – I use them frequently – Picture Writing Prompts will have a different effect.  Much like smell can bring up memories, pictures can sometimes bring things to mind quicker than words.  Have you ever watched a movie or TV program and saw an image that brought to mind another story-line different from what you were watching?  Perhaps I am a little strange, but I have.

I have found pictures to be very useful as prompts.  Sometimes it’s something in the background rather than the foreground which sparks the muse.

Here are some ideas on how to use Picture Writing Prompts:

1. Look at the image and imagine a possible story setting.

2. Once you have it start writing, and write for at least twenty to thirty minutes.

3. When you have finished with the first draft, set it aside for awhile then return to edit it

4. Tomorrow, do another picture writing prompt.

If you come up with some and would like to share it, let me know and it can be posted with the image with credit line – like a guest contributor.